hdtv flat panel
May 19, 2019  


hdtv flat panel
Without a doubt, Samsung produces some of the best 
HDTV flat panel televisions on the market. But don’t simply take our word for it. Here’s what the independent testing laboratory at ConsumerReports.org had to say…

"Among LCD TVs, Samsung...have regularly 
been among the best performers."

ConsumerReports.org (March 2009)


That’s why we decided to pull together this in-depth information guide to help you select the perfect Samsung flat panel television for your home. We will cover 28 LCD models with screen sizes ranging from 32” to 55”.

You’ll also be able to use this website to “Compare Prices” for 2009 models at the most popular online retail outlets, and read owner reviews. It’s no secret that you will often find amazing deals online. We’ve gathered everything you’ll need to make your buying decision super easy.

Samsung began releasing it’s current line up of LCD HDTV’s in early 2009. This family of TV’s range in size from 19 inches to 55 inches. You’ll recognize the current versions because they sport model numbers that begin with “LN” and have a “B” in the middle, e.g., LN46B 550.

Now, you may find that some retail stores still carry very similar Samsung LCD flat panel television model numbers that contain the letter “A” in the middle, e.g., LN46A550. These are 2008 models and are being phased out.  However, you may be able to find great deals on the remaining inventory – usually offered by the same online retailers selling the 2009 models.


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If you think it’s time you upgraded your old television you may want to consider replacing it with a Samsung HDTV flat panel TV.  Why?  Samsung is one of the top manufactures of these types of televisions and they have proven this time and again by creating high quality TVs with innovative technology, making them a true leader in the world of HDTVs.

What makes Samsung LCD HDTV flat panel TV models stand out from other brand names? There are a variety of reasons, some of which include:

Samsung Flat Panel Television Variety

The LCD televisions are available in a number of different sizes.  The can be as small as 19 inches and as large as 55 inches.  Therefore, they can be placed in just about any space in the home. You can get a snapshot summary of the Samsung HDTV flat panel range here.

Samsung Flat Panel TV - Something For Everyone

It doesn’t matter what type of video enjoyment you seek because Samsung flat panel TV sets enable you to watch your favorite shows or movies in HD, play video games and even connect to the Internet. These machines have been carefully designed so that they provide consumers with maximum usability. They have versatility, operate efficiently are fun to watch and relatively easy to use.

Outstanding HDTV Flat Panel Picture Quality

Samsung is known for their fabulous Auto Motion Plus 120Hz or 240Hz technology which they use in combination with Ultra Clear Panel technology. This carefully developed feature reduces the blurring effect that often occurs during fast action sequences.  Thus, instead of motion blur you have a crisp, clear picture.  Moreover, TVs with 1080p resolution and 50,000:1 dynamic-contrast ratios produce breathtaking colors that define every hue.  Thus, the end result is a smooth image bathed in brilliant tones of bright and dark.

LCD HDTV Flat Panel Back-Light Technology

A Samsung HDTV flat panel TV of the LCD (liquid crystal display) variety is equipped with a flat fluorescent lamp (FFL). This backlight enhances the quality of the image and allows you to raise and lower the level of brightness of the screen to improve the image’s lighting performance and bring out the true colors of the picture.

Samsung Flat Panel Televisions - Stylish Yet Modest Look

The Samsung HDTV flat panel televisions have a very attractive appearance.  Most feature Touch of Color glossy black frames and some even feature a chic red accent.  Regardless of the size of the screen, they do not detract from the rooms they are in and, if anything, only add further to the décor.

Samsung HDTV Flat Panel Ratings and Reviews

Finally, what you will discover is that almost all of the consumer ratings you find online and editor reviews you read in technology publications, rate Samsung products very high and they usually score higher than other manufactures in the areas of price, comfort, style, reviews, features and safety.

Samsung HDTV Flat Panel TV Conclusions

When all is said and done, what you need to know is that a Samsung LCD HDTV flat panel TV is certainly worth looking into.  This is a company that knows how to produce awesome products that provide consumers with the best HD experience.




Samsung LN55B650

The LN55B650 has a beautiful 55 inch behemoth screen. It is currently the largest LCD HDTV flat panel offered by Samsung. With color so life-like, you may never leave your home!

Samsung LN52B750

Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B610

Samsung LN52B550

Samsung LN52B530

The LN52B750 , LN52B630  , LN52B610, LN52B550 , and LN52B530 are all 52 in. LCD HDTV flat panels. While they may look the same on the outside, their differences can be found under the hood. For example, factors such as response time, refresh rate, and dynamic contrast ratio will vary for each of these. These variations can impact elements such as the amount of blur you see when an object is moving on screen. 

Samsung LN46B750

Samsung LN46B650

Samsung LN46B630

Samsung LN46B610

Samsung LN46B550

Samsung LN46B540

Samsung LN46B530

One of the most popular Samsung flat panel sizes is the 46 inch screen.  That's what what you'll get with the LN46B750,  LN46B650, LN46B630, LN46B610, LN46B5 50, LN46B540, and LN46B530. As already mentioned above, the primary differences between them have to do with small technological differences that can greatly impact picture quality. 

Samsung LN40B750

Samsung LN40B650

Samsung LN40B630

Samsung LN40B610

Samsung LN40B550

Samsung LN40B540

Samsung LN40B530

The LN40B750, LN40B650, LN40B630, LN40B610, LN40B550, LN40B540, and LN40B530 are all 40 inch flat panel LCD televisions. These are a popular choice among gamers and tv watchers alike. These televisions look the same on the outside, but have small technological difference as discussed above.

Samsung LN37B650

Samsung LN37B550

Samsung LN37B530

The LN37B650, LN37B550 , and LN37B530 all have 37" flat panel LCD screens. Click on the links to discover what makes each one a little different.

Samsung LN32B650

Samsung LN32B550

Samsung LN32B540

Samsung LN32B530

Samsung LN32B460

The 32 inch flat panel screens of the LN32B650, LN32B550, LN32B540, LN32B530, and LN32B460 are perfect for small rooms and spaces. Click on the model links to learn more about what makes them different.